Best Home Gym Combo

The Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage Strength Trainer machine affords you the opportunity to get an intense, full-body workout in the convenience of your own home. It features a variety of strength-training tools which are ideal for helping you work toward the body you desire. Its pieces work a myriad of muscle groups, making the Weider smith cage absolutely indispensable. It comes equipped with seven major training stations to really build your arms, legs and core. The Weider workout cage also comes with a handy exercise chart that will help you maximize your experience and track your progress. This also allows you to set up a rotating training regimen so you will steadily build muscle and avoid overworking yourself. Further, when you’re finished with your workout, if you have weight plates, you can keep them organized and out of the way with the integrated weight plate storage. The Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage Strength Trainer also features an adjustable utility bench, so you will be able to find the right fit for your body every time.


5 Best Manual Treadmill

ImageProductDetails  Price
ASUNA Hi-Performance Cardio Trainer Self Powered Manual TreadmillAdjustable Incline, Magnetic ResistanceCheck Price on Amazon
IN10CT Health RunnerNo Electrical ConsumptionCheck Price on Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Manual Treadmill16 Levels of Magnetic ResistanceCheck Price on Amazon
LED Display Screen Lightweight Durable Folding Manual TreadmillIncline Home Save SpaceCheck Price on Amazon
EFITMENT Adjustable Incline Magnetic Manual TreadmillWith Pulse MonitorCheck Price on Amazon

ASUNA Hi-Performance Cardio Trainer Self Powered Manual Treadmill is the best treadmill forever and comes with double wheel. This treadmill will make your body look great and attractive .This will keep your whole body and your heart fit. This treadmill can wear a load of 440 pounds. Its grip handle is very comfortable, you can hold the handle well even in sweat and your hand won’t slip from the handle. This design is fordable and you can keep it anywhere in less space as per your convenience.


  • Can adjust this treadmill up to 10 degrees.
  • This treadmill 8 level comes with adjustable resistance which you can do more or less according to you.
  • When you run on it, both of its wheels will not make noise due to being smoothness.
  • On this treadmill you can do different types of exercises like backward jogging, side squat and hand walkers.

N10CT Health Runner is a curved treadmill. Due to the curve, you can easily run on it. This treadmill is very good for home, office,clinic and gym. This is a manual treadmill, it did not have any kind of motor, due to which electricity bills can now be saved. This treadmill makes your lower body muscles strong and burns off your extra calories. It can reduce the speed more than the speed of your feet. The treadmill does not harm the environment. This treadmill does not harm you in any way, it automatically stops when you stop running.


  • It has a display that monitoring your performance. It tracks your time distance calories and heart rate.
  • Its rubber stands prevent the floor from breaking and gives strong grip.
  • The large curved handle provided with multiple grips.
  • You can control the speed by putting in more effort rather than being pulled through with a moving belt.

Sunny Health Fitness has always brought you the best exercise equipment. This is one of the best manual treadmills. This treadmill comes with multi grips and you can easily run by holding this treadmill anywhere. It is made of heavy duty steel who stays with you long time. It is an automatic moving machine that moves with the intensity of your speed and keeps your body fit and makes your body muscles stiff and strong.


  • This treadmill comes with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Self-powered manual treadmill saves your electricity bills.
  • Its handle is sweat free, So your hands won’t slip.
  • This treadmill comes with a dual flywheel which allows you to run comfortably.
  • Dimensions is 59L X 27W X 55H inches and after folded 31L x 27W x 58H.

LED Display Screen Lightweight Durable Folding Manual Treadmill is made from very good and high quality material. With the help of this treadmill you can keep your whole body fit. It has a multi-functional display, which monitoring the speed, calories and time of your exercise. In this treadmill you can adjust the grip handle according to your height and you can enjoy the exercise to the fullest.


  • This multi functional treadmill provides you with a shocker that takes care of your knee and heel joints.
  • You can easily keep this fordable treadmill anywhere in your home gym or office.
  • This treadmill is made of hard steel that stay with you for a long time.
  • Overall dimensions is 53.1″ x 37.4″ x 20.5″, running dimensions is 36.6″ x 14.2″and folding dimensions is 14.6″ x 53.1″ x 37.4″.

This is a magnetic manual treadmill that is great for your exercise. It keeps your body muscles and heart strong and fit. This manual treadmill makes your body healthy by burning high protein and calories. The treadmill operates at your own pace without the help of a motor. This multi-functional treadmill make your upper and lower body muscles strong. This treadmill comes with tension control in which you can increase or decrease as per your convenience. This is a great option for your home gym.


  • This treadmill has two handle bars with swing of both arms.
  • It also has a bio plessis sensor to measure the heart rate.
  • This treadmill also includes transportation wheels.
  • This treadmill is portable, with the help of this wheel you can take it anywhere as per your convenience.

8 Best Stretching Machine

Stretching machine is very important for those who want to improve on their body flexibility. This machine makes your body flexible by creating a stretch in your muscles. The most important thing about this machine is that it targets your rigid muscles and slowly slowly stretch the muscles. With the help of a stretching machine, you can improve your flexibility and also reduce muscle pain.

8 Best Stretching Machine

ImageProductDetails  Price
Precor 240i Commercial Series StretchTrainerInstructional PlacardCheck Price On Amazon
Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch MachineWith Calf Stretching StationCheck Price On Amazon
Gronk Fitness Commercial Stretch MachineStretcher Machine for Flexibility & Pain ReliefCheck Price On Amazon
Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretcher Machinewith Wheel and Gear SystemCheck Price On Amazon
Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Stretching MachineCommercial Back & Body Stretching MachineCheck Price On Amazon
Stamina Inline Traction Control System for Spinal Decompression Stretching MachineWithout InversionCheck Price On Amazon
Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Leg Stretching Training MachineImprove Flexibility Indoor HomeCheck Price On Amazon
Tiger Claw Pro-Leg StretcherSturdy constructionCheck Price On Amazon

The Precor 240i Commercial Series Stretch Trainer is a great option for your home gym which fits very easily in less space. This machine looks very attractive and is designed to make your body flexible. The cushioned seat is made to sit firmly during exercise. Its agronomic design provides precise stretch position.


  • The machine that comes with maximum cast form padding provides maximum comfort.
  • Powder coated steel, 50 mm tube diameter & 2 mm wall thickness that keeps your machine strong and protects scratch.
  • Padded handle bar is provided to control each stretch.
  • Maximum User Weight capacity is 250 pounds.
  • Easy to read instructions are written in front of view. 8 essential stretch exercise to target key muscles group.
  • Provides a knee pad for more comfortable during exercise.

The best stretching machine designed for your home gym or office. The seat given in it is easily adjusted for any height user. Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine helps to make your body flexible so that you can increase your stamina. Safety strap provides you extra safety during stretching exercises.


  • This stretching machine comes with removable calf stretch board.
  • Integrated wheels to move the machine from one place to another.
  • This stretching machine makes your body flexible and also reduces body pain.
  • This stretch machine comes with 7 seat adjustable position for users of different heights.
  • Product dimensions is 50.5 x 22.4 x 38.5 inches.

The Gronk Fitness Commercial Stretch Machine is a perfect stretching machine that stretches and makes your muscles stronger. This machine is designed to stretch your muscles. Oversize foot support provided for extra stretch. This stretching machine is made of heavy duty which will stay with you for a long time. The machine is designed to meet all your guidelines.


  • You can do many stretching exercises in a single machine which targets the muscles at different angle.
  • This machine not only stresses the muscles of the arm but also the muscles of the leg.
  • Using adjusted handles can make your muscles and body flexible.

Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretcher Machine makes your muscles stretch so that you make your body feel agile and strong and due to which your ability to work increases. If you are an athletic then this machine is very useful for you. This stretching machine expands up to 180 degrees. It has a comfortable cushion to sit on and a backpack to comfort the back.


  • Made from heavy duty steel, this machine is a great choice for your home gym.
  • Provided vinyl wheel at the bottom of the foot frame to allow the user to gradually increase the relaxed stretch.
  • There is a degree indication on the seat pad which indicates the angle of stretch of your feet.
  • The backpack has been adjusted in two positions for the users so that it allows you to sit upright or sit slightly behind.

5. Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Commercial Back & Body Stretching Machine

With the help of this stretching machine, you can do low back, gluteus, hamstring, inner thig, hip/quad etc. stretching exercises very easily. The Motive Fitness TotalStretch TS100 Commercial Back & Body Stretching Machine allows the user to perform all types of stretching exercises. Its strong structure is designed keeping in mind the user of all height. You can do stretching exercises from both sides by sitting or standing on this machine.


  • The machine that comes with a lot of grip targets different muscles.
  • The single wheel unit allows better handling.
  • The more comfortable to do stretching exercises for both sitting or standing.
  • Product dimensions is 45 x 24 x 41 inches.

This machine gives relief in your joint pain and with the help of this machine you will be able to stretch your back, hip and leg. This machine also helps in traction system. You can also reduce your weight by doing workouts on the machine. Machine made from strong steam can handle a weight of 250 pounds.


  • You can easily adjust the padded lab belt as per your convenience.
  • The Traction Control System also helps improve posture and alignment.
  • The Inline traction control system provides comfort to your hip, lower back and sciatic nerve.
  • Comfortable mattress chest pad handle and arms rolls provide better exercise and protection.

It is generally observed that players stretch their bodies before games. Stretching is a bit difficult to do by yourself, introduced for your convenience, present a Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Leg Stretching Training Machine on which you can stretch your legs very easily. This machine can easily stretch your legs up to 180 degrees. If you are a dancer, player, runner then this machine is of your great use.


  • Comfortable padded seat for seating and back support.
  • With the help of smooth wheel handle, gently stretch your legs slowly.
  • Through this machine, semitendinosus, large muscle adductor semimembrane, pectin, long adductor muscle and tendon exercises can be done very easily.
  • Overall dimension is 33 x 16 x 15 inch

Tiger Claw Pro-Leg Stretcher is a great machine made of strong steel that makes your legs stretch and makes them flexible. With the help of this machine, you can do the most difficult stretching exercises very easily. With the help of the steering wheel in it, you can easily stage your feet up to 180 degrees.


  • Paddle footrest keeps your feet straight.
  • Its padded seat is comfortable to sit on.
  • The adjustable back seat is helpful in leaning back or sitting upright.

10 Best Leg Press Machine

Using a leg press and hack squat machine is a great way to target your quads, hamstrings, and calves with less risk of injury than traditional squats.

Technically you have to take into account that the leg press carriage is not sliding up and down at a 90 degree angle but rather at a 45 degree angle. This angle reduces the actual amount of force having to be applied to lift these plates.

10 Best Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

Image Product Details   Price
Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

Weight Training, Home and Commercial Gym

Check Price On Amazon
IRON COMPANY SportsArt Fitness A989 Plate Loaded Hack Squat With Olympic Plates Check Price On Amazon
Live Well Raptor Raptor Unilateral Inverted Leg Press Unilateral and Bilateral Leg Press Check Price On Amazon
Legend Angle Leg Press

Welded Frame Ships Fully Assembled

Check Price On Amazon
Plate load Leg Press Black Pad Check Price On Amazon
NNI Fitness Commercial Grade Leg Press New 2020 Design Check Price On Amazon
Inflight Fitness Incline Leg Press

2 x 4 Flat Oval Tubing

Check Price On Amazon

Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

Direct Drive Press System Check Price On Amazon
IRON COMPANY SportsArt Fitness A982 Plate Loaded Leg Press Club Use – Commercial Leg Press Machine Check Price On Amazon
Inflight Multi Leg Press

with Full Shrouds

Check Price On Amazon


Target your Quadriceps, Hips and Glutes with deeper Hack Squats and varied foot positions for Body-Solid GLPH 1100 Leg Press movement.
Quad track roller system operates smoothly and distributes weight evenly. Both backpacks utilize given in it use a quick flip and lock mechanism.
Easy access under carriage plate load’s a great option to your home gym.


  • Comes with 3 lockout positions for user safety and convenience.
  • Safety rail handles on both sides. Adjustable safety catch stops the carriage from lowering any further.
  • This unit has come 1000 lb. weight capacity.

IRON COMPANY SportsArt Fitness A989 compact leg press is precision engineered fitted with linear bearings for optimal performance give it extra smooth pressing motion.
The SportArt A989 Hack Squat work on quadriceps muscles or quads and makes your muscles strong and allows you to use Olympic plates with a 2″ center hole for resistance.
The A989 Leg Press and Hack Squat Combo provides lower body exercise movements to get explosive strength rapidly.


  • Used heavy-duty steel frame for durable and long life.
  • Rubber non-skid feet cover base frame supports to avoid sliding of machine or scratching of floors.
  • Assembled dimensions is 89″ L x 64″ W x 58″ H and Unit weight is 376 lbs.
  • Easy access carriage lock handle.
  • Shoulder pads provide comfort.
  • Large foot plate allows user to define proper foot

Leg press machine is a popular workout machine that builds your leg muscles firmly. The backpack and seat adjustable in it are designed for users of all sizes.
It has two different foot-pads carriages which can be locked simultaneously.


  • Footplate carriages can be locked together.
  • Easy access.
  • Silent movement.
  • Large anti-slip platform.
  • Carriages run on 1.5″ case hardened guide rods.

4. Legend Angle Leg Press

If you are an exercise enthusiast or a bodybuilder or a professional athlete, then leg press is the most important training tool for you. It builds explosive power and strong muscles to your lower body. Its 18″length footplate allows leg press easily and its angle leg press weight carriage runs on linear bearings and case hardened guide rods not rollers or bushings.


  • The Angle leg press comes with polished aluminium footplate.
  • Dimensions 89.5 x 66.5 x 58 and fully welded frame.
  • Shielded linear bearings glide smoothly on case-hardened, solid steel rods.
  • Convenient calf raise plate.
  • Pop pin-adjustable seat-back.

12100 LB Weight Capacity Plateload Leg Press Machine is the perfect tool for your home gym.
The plateload leg press machine that comes with Heavy Wall Steel tubing it lasts for a long time and it also burn excess fat stored in your leg.


  • Its Includes 2 weight storage horns with protective sleeves.
  • Pads are constructed of 2.5″ high density foam with Black marine grade vinyl.

NNI Fitness Commercial Grade Leg Press Machine is an excellent exercise machine to tone the lower body.
This machine is a great option for those who have difficulty squat it due to knee or back pain. Leg press machine is effective in strengthening your knee and hip joints. It is a heavy steel machine with a weight 955 ibs and dimension is 80l*76w*67h inches.


  • Its finest design with welded steel frame w/ bolt together.
  • Linear bearings allow a quiet, smooth motion and are fully enclosed for safety.
  • Easily use with Olympic plates with 2″ center hole.

Leg press machine is used to strengthen the muscles of the lower body. Leg press makes your quadriceps muscles, hamstrings and calves strong and firm by


  • Product dimension is 39″ W x 73″L x 78.25″H.
  • The leg press comes with two diameter guide road and ball bearing wheel for smoothness.
  • 4000 pound cable and 4 pulleys for uncultivated durability.

Electrostatic-ally applied powder makes it strong and durable Made from heavy duty gauge, this machine will remain in your home gym for a long time. This
leg press machine is very important for strengthening your leg muscles. If you are thinking of recruiting runner policeman or army, then this tool is very
useful for you. Includes two all new triple chromatic weight storage holders for your convenience.


  • Provided a direct drive press system for accurate weight resistance.
  • Product dimensions is 89 x 57 x 52 inches and 525 pounds weight.
  • In this machine provided a Large pivoting footplate for maintain the correct leg position.

In this IRON COMPANY SportsArt Fitness A982 Plate Loaded Leg Press you can use Olympic plates with a 2 inch center hole. Its bag pack is adjustable which relaxes your hip position during exercise. Padded headrest is also provided for more comfort. Linear bearings provided in it are very smooth and quiet.


  • The welded heavy-duty steel frame leg press machine is made from oval tube steel.
  • Electrostatic powder coating keeps the machine new for a long time and prevents scratches.
  • The rubber nonstick feet cover provided in it protects you from spoilage.

This Inflight Multi Leg Press with Full Shrouds is a great option for your home gym and commercial gym for whom. This leg press has a non- skid foot plate which prevents your feet from slipping. The leg press machine that comes with 8 seat adjustment fits for all height users.


  • Product dimension is 41.5″ W x 80.75″L x 78.25″H.
  • Item weight 586 pounds.
  • Seat and back pads are 40-45 durometer HR foam contour for comfort and lumbar support.
  • Combination of high quality and best in class value.

Best 6 Folding Exercise Bikes and Reviews 2020

Folding exercise bikes are most popular bikes in the market. Folding exercise bike is a very good option for home gym. Due to the convenience of folding this bike easily adjust in your home and this bike occupies less space in your home and in your home gym. This bike is as attractive in appearance as it is comfortable to exercise. You can also control your obesity by doing workout on this bike.

Top 6 Best Folding Exercise Bikes List

Image Product Details   Price
Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike Adjustable         Resistance Check Price On Amazon
Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike      Weight Capacity 400 lbs Check Price On Amazon
ProGear 225 Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike     Heart Pulse Check Price On Amazon
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Pulse Sensor Check Price On Amazon
XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike Seat with Back Support Check Price On Amazon
FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike Exercising for Home Use or Office Check Price On Amazon

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike that gives you a full cardio workout. A very stylish folding bike that burns your calories and keeps you fit. If you workout on this bike every day get rid to physical troubles.

FeatureCompact design is the best feature of the bike. Use it when you have to workout and when the workout is over, easily hide it anywhere. To monitor your progress LCD computer display has been given which displays speed, time, calories, distance, odometer and total distance.Increase and decrease the intensity of your workout with 8 preset resistance levels. Special feature like adjustable seat hight, heavy duty construction,adjustable pedals make a great folding bike. Folding bike dimensions 32″L x 18.25″W x 42.25″H.

Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike, heavy duty and highly durable designed to support up to 400lbs weight capacity. This innovative bike gives you a way to get in a quality cardio workout right in your home. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike easily adjustable to fit 5’1 inch to 6′ user heights and with this bike you also get a waterproof mat.

FeaturesDue to provided large cushion seat, ride on this bike more comfortable. It also has hart pulse sensor on grips handle, which keeps you informed and monitor your heart rate. 8 levels of magnetic tension provided with LCD display, which helps of this provided easier or more challenging workout and an easy to read large computer LCD display that indicates calories burned, distance, time, speed, scan, odometer and pulse. Folded Dimensions 26.4″ L x 24.8″ W x 57.5″ H

ProGear 225 Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike taking less space meets all your exercise. You can use this folding bike easily while watching TV, listening music or garden. So start getting fit and healthy with the ProGear 225 Foldable Upright Bike and get the workout you have always wanted.

FeaturesThere are some great features available in this bike like Compact Folding Design, Contoured Seat Cushion, LCD Display with Pulse, 3 Piece Crank System, Dual Transmission Flywheel, Transportation Wheels, 220 lbs. Weight Capacity and Quiet Operation.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike designed for all sizes and do not much time go through the gym then start building your home gym with the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike. Exercise bike help you lose weight and gives you the best shape every time you want.

FeaturesSupports up to 300 lbs. weight capacity 75 lbs which is higher than other folding exercise bike. LCD display (3.3” x 1.5”) has been provided that indicates distance, time, speed, calories burned and monitoring your hart rate. The Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike has 8 level tension that help the user to exercise at different-2 tension.

Here is a great and attractive XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike that gives you bask support. In this folding bike provide a multi-seating position which is comfortable for all users. It’s comfortable secondary seating position will allow working out longer. Start on the road to fitness today with the XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Bike and feather your expectations.

Features – LCD display has been provided that easy to use and easy to read. XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike has Solid X-frame design. There are some more features are available in this folding exercise bike like smooth feel, comfortable seating, transport wheels, 8 levels of resistance, heart rate pulse grips and accessory pocket.

It is a beautiful and durable FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike that gives you provides relaxing, recreation, work and exercise all together. This bike has a table holder, with the help of which you can easily work out while working on the laptop in your office on this bike.

FeaturesThis spacious bike and folds easily. You can also tone your upper body with the help of the resistance band provided in it. Comfort seats allow for longer workouts. Provides a 8 level magnetic tension control system to increase and decrease resistance according to you. LCD display track your workout.

Best Elliptical Machine

Elliptical exercise machine is a stationary machine that makes you feel like running and climbing. With this, you tone your body without putting too much pressure.
Elliptical exercise machine gives you a non-impact cardio workout. Elliptical machine works on your upper and lower body and makes muscles stronger. This machine is one of the important equipment used in home gym.

6 Best Elliptical Machine

Image Product Details   Price
Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer 22 Programs Check Price On Amazon
NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical Trainers 5 inches Backlit Display Check Price On Amazon
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine 20 Levels Computer Controlled Resistance Check Price On Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine Weight Capacity 220 lb Check Price On Amazon

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical
Bluetooth App Tracking Option Check Price On Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine SF-E3912 Programmable Monitor Check Price On Amazon

1. Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer excellent design gives you complete freedom to do light and heavy workouts as well as tone your body.The given multi display console comes with 22 programs, with the help of these programs, you can make your workouts better.


  • This bike comes with 20″ Precision Path stride length.
  • Product dimensions is 71.5″ L x 26.7″ W x 63.2″ H and weight capacity 300 lbs.
  • The elliptical bike comes 6 position manual ramp adjustment with large articulating foot-plates.
  • The LCD display with 22 programs, monitors your workout and along with this, users can set the exercise goal as per their own.
  • The 20 levels of resistance given in it take your workouts to different dimensions.

Nordic Track Spacesaver SE7i is a perfect elliptical exercise bike which is manufactured by extremely durable steel.
Experience the fusion of superior build quality with cutting-edge technology. One of its best features is the maps workout technology feature Which allows you to do workout by selecting any route with the help of Google Map, it makes you feel as if you are actually walking on the road.


  • The SE7i easy to store and space saver when you want more room.
  • 18 lb Effective flywheel.
  • Provides a feature of 0 to 10 degree power adjustable incline.
  • User can choose 22 digital resistance levels with one touch or iFit trainer digitally adjust your settings to match their workout intensity.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine fits easily in your home gym or office. It is a beautiful enough unit that is designed keeping the user in mind.When you workout on a elliptical machine it does not make any noise at all and you can workout without disturbing anyone. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity that users can track their


  • With the help of the Run Social app, you can run with people from all over the world on 27 routes and 19 places, it is an absolutely free presence.
  • The machine that comes with 29 workout programs has 9 heart control, 12 profile, 4 custom, 2 fitness test and 1 quick start.
  • With the help of 25 levels of resistance, you can increase or decrease your workout intensity.
  • Along with the LCD, it also provides console speaker with MP3 input port, adjustable fan and USB media charging.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine has always brought you excellent exercise equipment which are attractive and of excellent quality. Elliptical Machine is one of them. Sunny Elliptical Machine gives you a real running experience, burn off your calories and provides strength resistance workout.


  • With the help of pulse sensor given, you can monitor the intensity of your workout by monitoring your heart rate.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout.
  • LCD monitor shows you the time, speed, distance, calories and pulse.
  • Anti slip handlebar and foot pedals provide you with a safe and stable workout.
  • Product dimensions is 28″ L x 17″ W x 57″ H and weight capacity is 220 lb.

300 lb capacity machine is made of heavy duty, which tones your upper and lower body, due to taking less space, it is easily fit in your home gym. With the help of transportation wheel, it can easily transfer room. Making it a part of your routine and keeping your body fit.


  • 8 Level magnetic tension resistance adjustments can provide a more challenging workout.
  • With the help of LCD display, you can monitor distance calories, time, pulse and scan.
  • Product dimensions is 54”L x 23”W x 63”H.
  • The large pedal with ribbed design prevents your feet from slipping during exercise.

Do cardio workouts in your home gym or office with Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine SF-E3912. Take your workouts to a different level with this elliptical trainer machine. Increase and decrease of programmable magnetic resistance when you connect an elliptical trainer machine to a power source. When you unplug it from a power source you can do the workouts on the same magnetic resistance setting.


  • With the help of backlit LCD track your speed, time, distance, calories burned, rotations per minute, Watt generation, heart rate, and computer-controlled resistance.
  • Take your workout to next level with the help of 24 target-specific, pre-programmed, and custom workout profiles.
  • You can activate the body-fat program to tailor elliptical workouts to your specific BMI.
  • Water bottle holder provided in place where your hands can easily reach during workouts.

7 Best Cable Crossover Machine

The Best Cable Crossover Machines is one of the most flexible bits of hardware you might purchase for your home gym.
These instruments will help you keep your home gym organized. Puller cable machine works on different Anglo of your body during workout and gives you strength.

7 Best Cable Crossover Machine

Image Product Details   Price
XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks Check Price On Amazon
Commercial Home Gym – Smith Machine Cables with Built in 160 kg Weights Check Price On Amazon
Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Machine Pull Down Bar, Cable Row Machine, and Pull Up Station Check Price On Amazon
FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover

Dual Cable Cross

Check Price On Amazon
Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer With Accessories Check Price On Amazon
Fitness First Free Motion Cable Machine Made of Solid Steel Check Price On Amazon
HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage

with J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Other Optional Attachments

Check Price On Amazon

The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can add to your home gym and small commercial gym.
Triceps Dips, Mountain Climbers, Hanging Tuck Crunch, Chest Press, Alternative Biceps Curls you can do such wide range of exercises.


  • 19 adjustment slots spaced at 3.5” apart.
  • Lowest setting is 1’ to highest setting of 6’6”.
  • Dimensions is 35.5″L x 70.9″W x 83.9″H.
  • It has a 200 lb weight stack on each side and total of 400 lbs.
  • Accessories include pair of 8″ hand straps,  pair of 17″ long strap handles,  23″ tricep rope,  short bar, 2″ long bar, leg extension leg curl strap, ankle strap and workout poster.

Commercial home gym is a great product for your home gym that does workout all over your body.
This cable crossover machine comes with twin pulley cables 1:1 ratio with 16 adjustments for any height cable workouts legs, arms, chest, back lat pull downs, power cage for bench press, squats. Commercial Home Gym Smith Machine comes with 2 x safety spotter bar to protect while working out alone.


  • Dual 80 kg weight stack connected to the cables attachment come with all machines.
  • Weight limit for racks is 990 lbs and 770 lbs for the bar.
  • Smith Machine comes with 12 adjustable heights and high tension 2000 lb cross cables with 16 adjustable heights 1:1 pull ratio.
  • Product dimension is 79″W x 49″D x 90″H and inside cage area is 43″W x 34″D x 89″ H.

The Valor Fitness BD-61 cable crossover station that comes with heavy duty is ideal for home gym use. It can make your exercise heavier or lighter with different exercise settings.
Valor Fitness comes with dual pulley system with 17 height adjustment.


  • Ideal for home gym use.
  • 17 adjustable positions and a cable pulley system increase your workout.
  • In Cable Crossover Machine features  lat pull down bar, as well as a curl/row bar, 2 single strap handles and a pull up station.

FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover machine makes your body shapely by targeting your muscles.
Its superior design provides more custom and comprehensive workouts with dual cable crossovers that can do 2 people workouts at the same time and select each weight stack is independently.
7 and 11 gauge steel tubes have been used in this machine for strengthening, which makes it durable.


  • The machine has two weight stacks that each have 210 lbs stacks. each weight stack operates off a 3-1 Cable ratio.
  • Product dimensions is 113 W x 84 H inches and Depth 60 inches.
  • Approximate weight is 997 pounds.
  • This mighty equipment allows a motion with its swivel pulley design that ensures fluid cable travel.
  • Each arm rotates vertically in 12-inch settings and horizontally in 9-inch settings to accommodate any pattern.

Give your home gym a new dimension with a function trainer. It is an excellent choice for your home gym that provides you with a full body workout. The matte black powder coat and heavy duty steel used in this makes it beautiful and durable. It comes standard with two, 165 lb. weight stacks and thirty swivel pulley positions to allow for complete freedom in any direction.


  • Two isolate pulley weight stacks can do 2 people workouts at the same time that allow for independent movements.
  • Provides a different accessories like triceps rope, pair of deluxe D handles, chin/dip belt, curl bar.
  • Bench, Ab Bar resistance ratio is 1:2.

The Fitness First Free Motion machine is perfect for your commercial and home gym use. This Cable Crossover Machine workout systems offer a focused muscle workout. This makes it easier to tone specific muscle groups and individual muscles.


  • With its multi-functional design each arm rotates vertically and horizontally with multiple settings.
  • Made of a solid and heavy duty steel design for strength.
  • Plate stack is up to 200 pounds.
  • Rubber handle grips for ease of use.
  • Dimension is 112 x 55 x 97 inches.

The HulkFit Crossover Machine that comes with 1000 pounds of weight capacity is compatible with all Hulkfit power cages.
HulkFit Crossover Machine made from heavy duty gives you maximum stability and safety and two solid steel safety bars are designed with J-Hooks for your convenience.


  • Tools are provided to easily assembled, even for a large piece of equipment.
  • Cable tested for 1000-Pounds capacity.
  • Sleeves are long enough to hold more plates.
  • 2″ diameter weight posts.
  • Pully System is adjustable and pivots to allow for multiple techniques.

10 Best Pedal Exerciser

In today’s life, people spend a long time in office and sit in one place for a long time, due to which they are unable to focus on their fitness and health and become overweight and unfit.
Pedal Exerciser eliminates all your problems and gives you complete freedom to exercise at office and home.

10 Best Pedal Exerciser

ImageProductDetails  Price
DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser

 Quick & Easy Setup

Check Price On Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Exercise BikeWeight Limit 220 lbCheck Price On Amazon
Vive Pedal ExerciserSlim DesignCheck Price On Amazon
ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser

iOS and Android with Free APP

Check Price On Amazon
TODO Pedal Exerciser Smooth and Quiet  Exercise EquipmentCheck Price On Amazon
 Exerpeutic Pedal ExerciserAdjustable Speed MotorCheck Price On Amazon
Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Pedal

DC Motor Drive System

Check Price On Amazon

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike

Compact and LightweightCheck Price On Amazon
Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding PedalQuick Folding FrameCheck Price On Amazon
MedMobile® Digital Mobility Aid Pedal Exerciser

Heavy Duty Steel

Check Price On Amazon

Make a desk bike a part of your life, with the help of this bike, you can tone your upper and lower body. Simple and easy-looking bike is easy to use at office or  home. The display given in it keeps an eye on your workouts, due to the compact size, you can easily keep it in the corner of the house.


  • With 8 registration settings you get the freedom to exercise on your own terms.
  • 5 function LCD display shows speed, time, distance, calories and scan.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps gives you complete freedom to exercise even if you are wearing sports shoes office shoes or sleeper.
  • With the help of bi-directional stride motion you can move the paddle clockwise and anticlockwise.
  • Its magnetic registration mechanic is very comfortable for your joints.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike provides complete freedom of workouts whether you are watching TV or studying. The Mini Exercise Bike is very beneficial for all the members of the house and also for those who are unable to make time for the workouts. You can easily adjust the limit micro tension knob given in it as per your choice.


  • User weight capacity is 220 lbs.
  • With the help of LCD Digital Monitor you can see your time, speed, distance, ODM, and calories.
  • Provides a dual foot and hand pedal that strengthen your upper and lower muscles.
  • With the help of carry handle you can do shift and relocate easily.
  • Product dimensions is 22L X 18W X 14.75H inches.

Make it easy to exercise with a Vive Pedal Exerciser. When you are in the office or at home, start a workout by keeping it under or above your table and keep your body fit.
The pedal exercise is designed keeping in mind the features of the user.


  • LCD screen display shows RPM, time, speed, distance and calories burned with the help of touch button.
  • Easily adjust the resistance level and customized your exercise.
  • Compact design easily fitting under a desk.
  • Non-slip pedal ensure your foot stay in place during the exercise.
    Includes multiple training video with Vive fit app.
  • You can easily lift with the help of carry handle.

The full of advance features ANCHEER Pedal Exerciser is designed keeping in mind the present day user, its attractive look attracts the user to exercise. Keep yourself fit with the pedal exerciser bike while you are working.


  • With the help of manual you can easily assemble with in 3 minutes.
  • With the help of the Fit Show app, you can connect your mobile to the ANCHEER pedal exerciser bike via Bluetooth and can get different types of training.
  • LCD display system allows you to monitor speed, distance , RPM, time and calories burned.
  • Magnetic resistance with 8 levels of friction-free.
  • A handle design is very easy to carry, you can exercise under the desk or on the table anytime, anywhere.

A TODO Pedal Exerciser Desk Exercise Bike, agrometick design allows you to do forward and backward exercises. It gives your body an exercise workout with very little effect. 8 levels magnetic tension can make pedaling more difficult . This is a great tool for light exercise.


  • 2.63″ big LCD monitor shows speed, time, distance, calories, very easy to ready.
  • You can easily use for arm and leg exercise.
  • Low and compact design makes it portable and space saving.
  • Smooth and quiet pedal motion does its job calmly without disturbing you.

6. Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser

If your arm and leg muscles are stiff and are having difficulty moving, then this Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Pedal Exerciser is a great option to overcome your difficulties. The motorized moment given in this will provide easy movement to your feet and hands. Exercising on this pedal exerciser strengthens muscles and promotes blood circulation. This machine is ideal for those looking for a low impact workout.


  • 120 V auxiliary power supply is required to operate the pedal exerciser and power consumption is 6.5 W.
  • Carry handle you can do shift and relocate easily and also includes non-skid floor mat.
  • Multi-function LCD display and hand held speed controller to adjust the motor speed.
  • Product dimensions is 16” L x 16” W x 13” H

Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Legs and Arms Pedal Exerciser is a pedal exercise running through the DC motor drive system that allows your legs and hands to continue to move. Its best feature is that you can manually do the workouts on your hands and feet without turning on the motor and counter does count the revolutions even with manual use.


  • With the help of Exerpeutic 2000M Motorized Electric Pedal Exerciser you can increase blood circulation, improves balance, and strengthens muscles.
  • The exerciser bike comes with a 12 cm wide fold-able pedal to prevent foot slipping.
  • Large LCD screen displays time, distance, calories and repetitions.
  • DC motor drive system makes for a quiet workout.

You can customize your workouts with the help of 8 magnetic resistance level.
It can help of warm up/cool down, light cardio, endurance trainer and muscular toning with the help of different magnetic resistance given in it. Do a variety of workouts sitting in a comfortable chair. You can use the MagneTrainer very easily while watching your office or TV.


  • 5-function display shows speed, time, distance calories and scan.
  • The MagneTrainer has hand and foot pedals that make your exercise comfortable.
  • Multi-turn dial knob gives you fine resistance control and this gives you precise control over the pedal resistance.
  • Being a bidirectional you can easily move forward and backward direction.

Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser is available in various colors.
This pedal exerciser is a good choice for light exercise. You can walk in the forward or reverse direction at any time. The anchor strap attaches to the chair during exercise, with the help of this strap, can be exercised without disturbance and without interruption.


  • LCD monitor reads exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute and calories burned.
    It makes very little noise.
  • The resistance can be easily adjusted via the tension adjust knob located on the top of the device.
  • Includes Anchor strap to prevent the bike from sliding during use at home or office.

MedMobile® Digital Mobility Aid Pedal Exercise is helpful in strengthening the muscles of the arms and legs, increase flexibility and mobility.
You can easily exercise this contact bike by placing it under the chair or bed. The steel frame construction ensures durability.


  • LCD display shows time, revolutions, strides/min and calories burned.
  • The MedMobile Digital Mobility Aid Pedal Exerciser is a good option for physical therapy.
  • There is an adjustable resistance knob to increase and decrease to each user’s difficulty level.
  • Product dimensions is 16 x 16 x 13 inches.

10 Best Soft Plyo Boxes

In box jump training you work all of your leg muscles and strengthen your core using your own body weight.
it is a great option for people who want to lose weightlifting box jumping drills for conditioning hip and leg explosiveness involve with varied heights and varied distances between boxes this exercise is for the advance athlete and is considered a high stress plyometric exercise.

10 Best Soft Plyo Boxes

ImageProductDetails  Price
Balance From Foam Plyometric Box

3 in 1 20″x24″x30

Check Price On Amazon
Synergee 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric BoxPremium PlywoodCheck Price On Amazon
Papababe 3 in 1 Foam Plyometric BoxStrong and Sturdy ConstructionCheck Price On Amazon
MAT EXPERT 3 in 1 Plyometric BoxHigh Density FoamCheck Price On Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Plyo Box Jump PlatformShock Absorbing Foam CoverCheck Price On Amazon
Yes4All 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Jumping BoxExtra Safe Design Check Price On Amazon
Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

Heavy-duty Steel Construction

Check Price On Amazon

CFF Cushion Plyo Boxes

Wide BaseCheck Price On Amazon
Fitness First 3-in-1 Light Soft Plyo BoxMulti-Position Check Price On Amazon
Fuel Pureformance 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Jumping Box

Perfect Full-Body Workout

Check Price On Amazon

Keep your body fit with the Balance From Foam Plyometric Box. If you want to get back in shape, use a parametric box to turn off calories and get your body in shape.
This miracle box is designed to support push-ups, box dips, and step ups to box jumps and other exercises. Time-saving since this box requires no assembly of parts.


  • The Plyometric Box comes in 3 sizes: 20”, 24” and 30”.
  • The Balance From Foam Plyometric Box can support up to 350 lb of weight.
  • It has a non slip surface used, you can keep yourself stable by jumping on a non-slip surface.
  • This plyo box is just soft enough to make you training, comfortable and non injuries.

Our incredibly versatile Synergee 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box is perfect for the development of explosive power.
The Synergee 3 in 1 Plyometric Box are available four different sizing option. Expertly crafted Box can be used for box jumps, elevated push-ups, dips, burpee variations, accessory work and numerous other sweat-inducing moves.


  • It can hold up to 450 lbs.
  • The box that comes with three different levels claims three different heights. That’s like having 3 boxes in 1.
  • With the help of the manual that comes with it, you can easily assemble it and ready for workout in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Plyo Box is made from high quality, ¾” plywood.

If you want to boost your jumping ability and increase foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, body strength and power,
it’s a great time to start working out with Papababe 3 in 1 Foam Plyometrics Box. It has a pretty durable covering-the (inside) box.
If you want to save space, Plyometric Box are definitely a great way to go.


  • Anti-slip covering PVC leather and Heavy-duty firm EPE construction allows for added stability.
  • Plyometrics Box holds up to 350 lbs of weight.
  • Comes with 3 different heights and provides a multiple choices option.
  • The cover can be easily changed and cleaned due to its zipper design.

The beautiful looking jumping box comes with 300 lb weight limit that helps you jump higher and burn more calories. With the help of this box you can easily do dips, push-ups, step ups, and many other types of exercises. The highest quality foam and PVC cover provided in it helps you stand firm.


  • it is a lightweight and compact box that you can carry easily any place and store conveniently.
  • Dimensions for the surface size is 36″ x 30″.
  • These box is constructed from high density foam.
  • 350 lb weight limit and solid foam platform jumping box will support your jump.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pylo Box is widely applicable since you can improving the power, strength, and speed. The jump on it strengthens your leg muscles.
It is a highly versatile Pylo box that rotates for three different elevation levels 20 inch, 24 inch and 28 inch.


  • Product dimension is 28L x 24W x 20H inches.
  • 11 lbs weight box helps you strengthen and increase tolerance.
  • Ultra Dense Foam enclosed with good quality PVC fabric for durability.
  • The box provides a non slippage surface your feet can easily grip to help you avoid slipping.
  • The jump box can support up to 550 lbs that helps improve as you perform continuous jumps.

The Yes4All 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Jumping Box supporting 350 lbs is an essential tool for fitness lovers. This box helps you to have the ability to jump and strengthen your leg muscles.
This box is a super awesome and simple piece of equipment that provides an athlete of opportunity to improve athletic performance.


  • Yes4All Plyo Jumping Box comes with 3 different heights(20,24 and 30 inche) on which you can easily HIIT exercises and MMA, CrossFit workouts.
  • With the help of durable PVC leather cover you can easily prevent tripping and slipping.
  • Safe and practical for different exercises like box jump, step-ups and split box lunges.

The X Adjustable Height Plyo Box comes with four different heights settings and is built with heavy duty that gives a strong standing experience.
The seat has rubber cushion which is adequately padded and gives you a strong grip.The adjustable plyo Box strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower body and which make body strong.


  • The height adjustment is straightforward and done is very easy to change.
  • The Plyo Box hight adjusts 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ and increase your workout.
  • Product dimensions is 27.1 x 19.6 x 12.8 inches.
  • The box is very solid and secure at all heights; it is constructed quite well and there have been no issues with the box being placed on carpet or tile during the jumping.

This heavy cushion Plyo Boxes – CFF High Density can bear 500 lbs weight. The ultra dance foam provided in it lasts for a long time and does not break.
The high quality form provided in it ensures that it maintains its form after the jump. With the help of this jump box, you can take your fitness to new heights.


  • 28″ x 28″ wide base makes your jump safe and comfortable.
  • Their ultra-dense, 100% foam cores ensure that easy jump and hold strong.
  • Available in 3″, 6″, 12″ & 18″ heights.
  • Product dimensions is 28 x 28 x 6 inches.

For all exercising users, Fitness First 3-in-1 Light Soft Plyo Box is the best exercise tool that tones your body and makes it easy to fit the space-less plyo box into your home gym.
This plyo box is ignored for many uses and benefits.


  • Made of soft durable foam and ensures that your jump is comfortable.
  • Lightweight for easy move one location to other location.
  • 3-in-1 with 75cm x 60cm x 50cm sides.

The Fuel Pureformance 3-in-1 Plyo Box is constructed from high density solid foam and covered with a hard wearing, wipe clean vinyl, they offer a soft but stable landing surface that reduces stress on joints.
The Fuel Pureformance 3-in-1 Plyo Box can be used individually or securely attached together to allow many variations in height up at one of three heights, 20-inch, 24-inch, or 30-inch. They are also light enough to easily move around your training space.


  • The Fuel Pureformance 3-in-1 Plyo Box comes with durable PVC cover helps prevent slippage.
  • Adjustable height 20, 24 & 30 Inches.
  • In the Plyo Box no assembly required.
  • The edges are firm and soft with a cushion.
  • No matter how high your height, when you jump on it, this box remains stable.

7 Best Dumbbell Racks

The dumbbell rack is the perfect solution for the storage. Are you looking for the Best Dumbbell Racks in 2020. We spent hours to find out the Best Dumbbell Racks for you and create a review video. In this video review you will find the top products list, what is the feature of these products and why you should buy it.

7 Best Dumbbell Racks

ImageProductDetails  Price
Marcy Combo Weights Storage Rack3-Tier UnitCheck Price On Amazon
Synergee 3 Tier Dumbbell RackPerfect for 5-50 lb Dumbbell SetsCheck Price On Amazon
Body-Solid GDR60 2-Tier Horizontal Storage RackCheck Price On Amazon
XMark All-in-One Dumbbell Rack

Dual Vertical Bar Holder

Check Price On Amazon
Marcy Compact Dumbbell RackFree Weight OrganizerCheck Price On Amazon
Marcy 3 Tier Metal Steel Home WorkoutHeavy-Duty Welded ConstructionCheck Price On Amazon
Papababe 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack

1200lbs Capacity

Check Price On Amazon

Marcy combo weight storage rack is a great option for your home gym, with the help of this you can keep your equipment in a systematic manner,heavy steel tubes made of these can keep your various equipment according to your need.With 3 layers one and four storage posts,install dumbbell weight set and other weightlifting two in one place.


  • Hammertone-finish protects rack from unwanted scratches and lasts for many years.
  • With the help of 3-layer rack and 4 storage posts gets plenty of space.
  • Rubber end caps help protect flooring from scratches.

If you are fond of great exercise equipment, Synergee 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack is a great choice.With the help of this dumbbell rack you are able to give more productive and more efficient workouts. Organize your gym space with a professional looking dumbbell rack and watch the gains grow. This Dumbbell Rack will give your gym space a tidy, professional look that will motivate you to workout.


  • Constructed from high quality heavy duty 8 gauge steel.
    Comfortable stores entire 5 to 50 dumbbell set.
  • Easily access your dumbbells in any position.
  • Weight capacity of over 1000 lbs.
  • Product dimensions is 46 x 20 x 30 inches.

With the help of Body-Solid GDR60 Dumbbell Rack, you keep your work out area clean and organized. This weight rack is designed to keep dumbbell sets ranging from 5 to 50 pounds of weight. Made of heavy-gauge steel is welded on all four sides and deburred inside and out for user safety. With the help of horizontal design, it can be easily placed against a wall.


  • Body-Solid Tools 2-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack equipment measures 23L x 62W x 32H inches with a 56-inch tray availability.
  • Body-Solid Rack allows storage up to 70 pounds.
  • Ideal for home gym and commercial use.

XMark All-in-One Dumbbell Rack is specially designed for exerciser. In a small space, you can easily keep all your dumbbell plates and and EZ bar.
Its great design will be liked by every fitness enthusiast. It is useful to keep your different size and shapes. The unit also comes with four plate dividers while the lower shelf of the rack helps you store your Olympic weight plates or bumper plates.


  • It is excellent- made very well and heavy duty.
  • The standard installment has a higher of the 2L bars flipped up to hold the dumbbells.
  • The rubber feet in it protect your flooring from breaking.


5. Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack

With this Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack Free Weight Stand for home gym DBR-56 you take your home gym to new heights and make your home gym a new favorite place.
With the help of rack you can keep your dumbbell organized and store in one place. This rack constructed with strong and premium coating is very convenient for exercise.


  • At a rack made from heavy duty steel, you can put your heavy exercise equipment on it without any tension.
  • Durable powder coated finish protects from scratches.
  • Compact design allows you to place the rack in any part of your gym.

The Marcy 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack is a great quality dumbbell Rack that allows you to reap the benefits of training efficiently in your home.
The multi function dumbbell rack gives you style and convenience. It has 3 tier dumbbell rack that allow you to hold different type of dumbbells.


  • It’s latest design is compact and take a less space so that you can place easily in your home gym.
  • This dumbbell weight rack has 3-tiered storage space designed to accommodate dumbbells of all sizes.
  • Rubberized feet allow for floor protection from scratches and prevents the rack from sliding.
  • This product is well made and easy to assemble.

1200 LB capacity 2-tier dumbbell rack is made of heavy duty steel that will support you for a long time.
Its agrometric design has the ability to hold 12 different size dumbbells pairs. This dumbbell rack is ideal for home gym.


  • M design make it easy to lift off your dumbbells.
    The PAPABABE heavy-duty dumbbell rack with 71″ long shelf can be accommodated more sizes of hex dumbbells.
  • 2-tier dumbbell rack comes with 4MM shelf and 1.5 MM solid wall thickness, heavy duty and durable.